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Geoffrey Lenza

Owner, Licensed Electrician

Servicing the Greater Sarasota Market 10+ Years

A FL Resident, Mr. Lenza is an experienced licensed electrian and founder of Electrotek Services Inc. Geoffrey Has been a Fl resident since 2009 starting the business more than 10 years ago. Follow Geoffrey on social - @Facebook and @Instagram. Have questions, feel free to give him a call. Thank you!

Cecillia Navarro

Owner, Operations, Backoffice and Finance

Servicing the Greater Sarasota Market 10+ Years

Ms. Navarro keeps the backoffice running, if you have questions, please give her call. As a founding member of Electrotek Services Inc. she will gladly help and support your needs. A Fl resident since 2009. Questions, comments, great experience; give us a call. Thank you!

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