Updates 4.3.21

Updating Bootstrap Interactions

Improvements Coming

More improvements on the way, we added a few changes to get you where you want to go… We added a new card section on the home page, when looking for services, products and support from Electrotek. This helps describe products and services for further viewing. Two, new images have been added, along with the map section to share where we are! Don’t forget to leave us a comment, we welcome your feedback.

Gaining Traction


Gaining Traction

Mobile view first, as always. We spent sometime updating the tablet views as well as mobile. Along with a few client comments and new content. We will be adding a few galleries of our work shortly! Oh, we got the analytics up and running, sans the glitches. Stay tuned.

Update 12.21.21


Keep Up With The Latest Electrotek Updates

Here, look we are keeping you up-to-date, with the Electrotek happenings… Check back from time to time for client pictures, recommendations, product demos and customer questions & answers. We want to give you a chance to see what is going on while ‘on site’ with Electrotek.

Update 12.20.21


Versions, Changes and More

We are sharing iterations, versions and history of change. The goal is to show what we are doing, our accomplishments in the field, ‘on site’ and on the web. This will serve as our historical record, versioning etc., It’s here if you are interested.