Change Control Record


We are working over here! Yes… really, and with that said, here are some small stepping stones, milestones or marks in time we found to be significant. Think of it as ‘us’ keeping up with the latest code standards and browser compatibility, goal being a better experience regardless of device, device type etc.

* Enjoy our updates! More to come as we build out the site.
** We update our code from time to time, we will keep your posted… so that we offer the best customer experience online!
Row Version Dates Notes
8 1.8 10.26.2022 A few updates here as we convert the original design, raw php into our CMS design, layout etc. More to come over the next few months.
7 1.7 9.8.2022 Framework sandbox environment updated, we will pull over our latest changes, design improvements and TWB code. All should feel and look similar. New look, Good news.
6 1.6 8.1.2022 CMS Framework ready for deployment, we like to see that! Soon you will be able to interact with us, share your experiences and allow us to broadcast more information and updates while we are in the field.
5 1.5 6.20.2022 Bootsrap V5, Adding Font Awesome fonts, and GA soon. This helps with structure, reduce code ‘weight’ etc.
4 1.4 4.3.2022 Additional Bootstrap Changes, new card section, broaden products/services section, and adding new images… leave us a comment!
3 1.3 2.15.2022 Cleaning up the mobile first view, adding new content… leave us a comment!
2 1.2 12.20.2021 Cleaning up the site, adding new content… leave us a comment!
1 1.1 12.15.2021 Welcome to Electrotek Services

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